Electric skateboards – Efficient, clean, and environmentally friendly

Electric skateboards – Efficient, clean, and environmentally friendly


The 21st century is slowly, but surely, starting to live up to its high-tech hype and promises of the past, and is truly becoming a golden age of innovation and technology. Even though we still do not have our own true hoverboards, personal jet packs or flying cars, which we have seen so many times in various science fiction flicks. We, nevertheless, have a good number of technological marvels at our disposal. High-tech modern innovations have taken the means of our daily commute and lead them into the new age. Whether we are cruising the boardwalks or going to work, small, electric powered vehicles have allowed us to do that without breaking a sweat and in style.


jhdhd84With the ever growing need to restore our badly damaged natural environment and reduce our carbon footprint, the true solution has come in the form of a carbon efficient economy. But, in order to achieve that, we need to introduce a number of changes in the transport industry. To meet this rising demand, lots of companies have started putting a lot of resources and time into developing environmentally-friendly means of transport. Thanks to a number of technological advances and innovations taking place in the field of small and effective batteries, the dreams of an efficient and clean transport are slowly becoming a reality.

E-skateboards, scooters, and bikes

Some environmentally friendly means of transport are already in full production, such as electrically powered scooters and bikes. In addition to these, yet another very popular form of clean, electric-powered transport is the Electric skateboard and its subsequent iterations. This small, extremely useful gadget is powered by an even smaller electric motor, alongside a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery or a lead acid. If you want to learn more about these, you can check out electric skateboard parts and accessories here.

How does it work?

The majority of modern electric skateboards use a digital, wireless controller, which is used to allow direct control of the board, through a digitally coded signal. While riding, the user has full control over the skateboard by either pushing on the trigger, in order to brake, or pulling the trigger, so as to increase the speed. The feeling you get with an E-skateboard is very similar to surfing or snowboarding. With it, you will also be able to cover large distances on a single charge, With a Lithium Iron battery, you can ride an E-skateboard almost 1.5 hours.

However, e-skateboards require some time in order to get used to and are not for the impatient and the faint hearted. The speed and rapid acceleration it offers can take some people a lot of time getting used to, especially if they have never ridden a skateboard in the past. But, with some good, concentrated practice (preferably on a quiet footpath) it will not take too much time before a person finally becomes comfortable using and riding an e-skateboard.

Check the laws

hdhd84Depending on where you live and your local laws, you may need to use additional accessories when riding, such as a helmet. It is also possible that there are certain restrictions when it comes to riding electric-powered vehicles of various capacities on certain footpaths and so on. With this in mind, make sure to check with your local transportation authorities, before buying an e-skateboard and using it for transportation.